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Fiberglass D-Grip Spading Fork by Bully Tools

Effortlessly Tackle Tough Soil with Bully Tools 92370 Spading Fork - Featuring a Sturdy Fiberglass D-Grip Handle!

- Versatile: This spading fork is designed for a variety of gardening tasks, including digging, loosening soil, and moving mulch. Its sharp tines can penetrate hard soil and roots, making it ideal for planting and transplanting.
- Environmentally friendly: Bully Tools is committed to producing environmentally friendly tools. The 92370 Spading Fork is made in the USA from 100% recycled materials and is designed to last a lifetime, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

The Bully Tools 92370 Spading Fork is a sturdy and reliable tool that is perfect for any gardening or landscaping project. With its durable fiberglass D-grip handle, you can be sure that this spading fork will last for years to come. The fork itself is made from high-quality steel, ensuring that it can handle even the toughest soil and roots. The tines are sharp and strong, making it easy to dig deep into the ground and turn over soil. The fiberglass handle is comfortable to hold and provides a secure grip, even when working in wet or muddy conditions. Overall, the Bully Tools 92370 Spading Fork is an essential tool for any serious gardener or landscaper.